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We do this by providing insights to the Swedish health system and by facilitating contact with authorities, academia, healthcare and the life science industry. We wish to learn and share experiences, methods and knowhow globally as we believe collaboration is the key to reach world-class healthcare for all.

The Swedish healthcare system is ranked as one of the best in the world. We have made great progress in a vast number of areas, from research and innovation to clinical practice and management. We have therefore much to share when it comes to reaching success in health and social care. How come Sweden roughly 10 percent of its GDP on healthcare but still manages to outperform countries with much larger expenditures? This is where Symbiocare – Health by Sweden comes in!

Symbiocare – Health by Sweden sets out to describe this journey in the past, today and in the near future. In essence our health system is dependent on the symbiosis between care providers, academia and industry. The tradition of collaboration and co-creation is the key to Sweden’s ability to provide world-class care to everyone at an affordable cost.

The contents published at the Symbiocare – Health by Sweden platform aim to communicate the Swedish experience and point of view in an international context, not necessarily covering all aspects of Sweden´s public health objectives. In short, the overall national objective of Sweden’s health and medical care policy is to create conditions for the entire population to enjoy good health on equal terms:

  • The objective of the Government’s health and medical care policy is to offer needs-adjusted, accessible and effective care.
  • The long-term objective of the Government’s public health policy is to even out health inequalities that are possible to change.
  • Public health policy should also provide people with tools for improving their own health.

About Business Sweden

Business Sweden manages the Symbiocare – Health by Sweden communication platform, developed in close dialogue with Swecare and the Government Offices. Business Sweden – The Swedish Trade and Invest Council helps Swedish companies reach their full international potential. We do this by offering strategic guidance and practical support, whether it is in Sweden or on location in the markets where we are represented. In addition to our work with internationalization and exports, our mission is also to attract foreign investments to Sweden, which brings competence, capital and innovation to Swedish companies

Business Sweden is owned by the Swedish government and the industry, represented by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and the Swedish Foreign Trade Association. The shared ownership provides access to contacts and networks at all levels. We have offices in 50 countries and work closely with embassies, trade associations and chambers of commerce to promote Sweden internationally.

About Swecare Foundation

Swecare is a unique platform for collaboration; a network where academia, public and private sector join forces towards enhanced export and internationalization of Swedish healthcare and life science. Swecare was founded in 1978 by the Swedish government and the health care industry together as a semi-governmental non-profit organization. Today we have around 350 companies and organizations in our network, representing the entire health care spectrum – from small startup companies to universities, county councils, and global corporations, working with everything from biotech to medical technology, pharmaceuticals, and healthcare services.

Solving the major healthcare challenges we stand before requires collaboration across the healthcare chain. Joining forces and addressing problems from multiple angles in turn increases collaboration and international competitiveness of Swedish healthcare. We continuously expand our extensive international network through long term partnerships with similar organizations abroad and foreign embassies represented in Sweden.

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